Charnwood District Raft Race 2016


On Saturday 2nd July a group of six scouts (Amiee, Megan, Archie, Mia, Aarran  and Thomas) from our group along with leaders Ollie Harris and Phil Bott took part in the Charnwood District Raft Race at King Lears Lake, Watermead Country Park in Syston.

They had just over an hour to build a raft using pioneering poles, rope and barrels that they would then use to compete in a raft race against other scouts from across the district.

After a few starting hiccups with barrels becoming loose as soon as they got in the water, our brave scouts won their first race with ease against 1st Wolds Scout Group's 3rd team, which saw them make it to the semi-finals against two other teams.

The scouts managed to finish in 2nd place in the semi final with other the first place teams making through to the final which was won by Mountsorrel's 2nd team.

We are all very proud of their effort in getting to 2nd in the Semi-final, this is the first District event the scout group has taken part in, in a long while and there will be more to come in the future.